David Turner said the seven-figure tax debt is due to a “mix-up” but wouldn’t elaborate.

The mayor of Odessa, Texas, owes the IRS $1.1 million in unpaid payroll taxes, according to records obtained by the Odessa American newspaper.

Mayor David Turner said the $1.1 million debt was due to a paperwork error that “has been taken care of.”

“There was a mix-up, but we got it resolved,” Turner told the told the Odessa American. “My attorney is waiting for a receipt from the IRS. Due to COVID everything has been slowed down.”

Turner declined to explain what type of “mix-up” caused the tax issue, and the newspaper found that a tax website still showed the debt as current.

Turner has failed on several occasions since 1999 to pay employee payroll taxes on time, according to the Odessa American.