I received the dreaded letter from the IRS informing me I owed them over $90K. I freaked! I started calling accountants and tax people desperate for any kind of help; they all turned me away because of the IRS involvement. I finally found one accountant who wouldn’t help me other than a referral to Steve Chamberlain. By the time I got him on the phone, I was in tears and beyond terrified.

Steve listened to my story, asked questions about how the mess I was in came about, and reassured me all was not hopeless. I didn’t file taxes or do anything for years because I was frozen with fear; that’s how the fines, penalties, and interest became so extreme. I seriously screwed up!

I hired Steve and gave him POA over my case; he took control. He was able to work with the IRS to my benefit and get them to give me a reprieve while I try to create a new work-life for myself. I no longer have to live in fear of my home being taken away, of my wages being garnished, of IRS letters of “threat” showing up in my mailbox.

Steve is amazing, compassionate, and knowledgeable with the resources and contacts to really make a difference. I cannot recommend his services enough. In my humble opinion, he is worth every penny, probably more. Thank you, Steve!

– Tabitha

Steve and I are working together with a client and thanks to Steve this has been an easy ride through out the process. Steve is a professional in all aspects of taxes and audits.

– Maria

Great experience and integrity

– Mike