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Tax resolution firms like Chamberlain Tax solutions will analyze your situation and determine factors not taken into consideration by the IRS. We will fight to get you fair treatment and the federal tax help that you need specific to your situation. We will examine the applicable facts to determine an appropriate action plan to minimize your tax liability and explain your situation and options in a way that is easy to understand. If, at the end of our tax resolution services review we still determine that you owe the IRS money, we can try to have penalties and interest waived. We can also propose a reasonable payment plan to the IRS, put the IRS on a temporary hold, or determine if you qualify to settle for less than what you owe.

Here are our main areas of focus:

IRS Back Tax Help

IRS back taxes can weigh a taxpayer down mentally and financially. If you are behind on your taxes, you are not alone. Millions of Americans are behind on their taxes. If you require IRS back tax help, look no further than Chamberlain Tax Solutions. We have worked with a wide range of individuals. Remember, don’t ignore your IRS back taxes. They will impede your way to financial freedom.

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Payroll Tax Debt Relief

Are you a business owner or a self-employed individual? If you have employees under your supervision, you are required to submit payroll taxes to the IRS and the state on their behalf. The taxes are usually submitted along with your (the employer’s) portion of the taxes.
If you do not submit pay payroll taxes, i.e. 940/941, you will be considered as a thief by the IRS, which meant you stole from your employees. To prevent our valued clients from facing business seizure or even closure, Chamberlain Tax Solutions provides payroll tax debt relief solutions.

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Bank Levy

What happens if you fail to pay taxes or ignore them? A bank levy can be issued to render your assets untouchable. When IRS drops the hammer, it can prove to be a catastrophic event for any taxpayer or business owner. It causes significant strain to your economic life. At Chamberlaoin Tax Solutions, we can help you settle your tax debt and get the bank levy lifted so that you can breathe easier.

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Currently Not Collectible

Your economic circumstances have taken a turn for the worst. Suddenly, you have insufficient funds to pay for the essentials of daily living, i.e. groceries, utilities, rent, etc. Worst, you still must pay your taxes. Did you know that there is a way to stop IRS from chasing after that debt? You must first check whether you qualify as “currently not collectible.” At Chamberlain Tax Solutions, we specialize in a great array of tax debt resolutions, including dealing with currently not collectible (CNC) accounts.

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Innocent Spouse Relief

It is common for married taxpayers to file a joint tax return. In this case, both taxpayers are individually and jointly responsible for the tax, interest, and/or penalties due on the joint return even if they divorce later. If you are married to someone who owes taxes, and your refund was seized to pay his or her tax debt, Chamberlain Tax Solutions can help you resolve this tax problem. Our tax debt resolution team specializes in innocent spouse relief.

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Tax Lien

The IRS has the power to file a lien on your property. Tax liens occur when a business or individual fail to pay business or income taxes. If taxes are not paid on time, the IRS can also place a lien on the property of said business or individual. If you already have an IRS tax lien filed or worried about getting one, Chamberlain Tax Solutions can help. We will rectify the tax debt issue to get the lien lifted.

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Installment Agreement

You are just about to file your income tax returns. However, you discovered that you might not be able to pay the taxes due. Reason A: you owed more than you can pay. Reason B: You just completed your return. Fortunately, the IRS allows taxpayers to negotiate repayment terms on what you owe them. At Chamberlain Tax Solutions, we specialize in tax debt relief solutions such as installment agreement. We can help you settle your back-tax bill for a payment that you can afford.

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Full Representation

It can be unnerving when you receive a notice from the IRS. At Chamberlain Tax Solutions, we strive to offer complete peace of mind. Chamberlain Tax solutions work with taxpayers to collect all the necessary information. Next, we communicate with IRS agents on your behalf. In the event of any notice by the Internal Revenue Service, you can rest assured that we are on your side. We utilize our full representation expertise to achieve a satisfactory tax debt resolution.

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Delinquent Taxes

If you have delinquent tax returns, the IRS will catch up to you soon. Wait, there is hope! There are tax debt resolution options that can help you lift the bulls-eye target that has been placed on your back. At Tax Defense Partners, we specialize in an array of tax debt relief solutions that can resolve the delinquent taxes of our customers.

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Offer In Compromise

Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? Did you know that you are able to settle the tax debt for less money with an Offer in Compromise? It’s true if you qualify! For example, you can turn a $150,000 tax debt into a $150 tax debt. If you can relate to this scenario, Offer in Compromise is certainly the right IRS tax resolution for your needs. At Chamberlain Tax Solutions, we specialize in OIC. You can count on us to produce a favorable outcome for you.

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